Image of Osiris Unut. Bald man in early 20s with medium tone skin, watery eyes, serious expression. Wearing golden earrings, black kohl under his eyes and large golden chain around neck.

Osiris Unut

The protagonist of Blood & Kin. Osiris tries to hold his worlds together but must ultimately choose one. Which will it be?

Unut shield - Black ouroboros on dark orange background
Image of Nebia Unut. Wearing green turban, hoop earrings and live snake around her neck. She has a stern expression with a raised brow. She is of lighter brown complexion.

Nebia Unut

Queen of East Akuban and mother to Osiris, Irisi and Shai. Nebia will do anything to protect the East from nomadic tribe and the threat they pose to peace in her lands.

Unut shield - Black ouroboros on dark orange background
Mikalbuti Sacakati. He has small cornrows, jet black hair, silver piercings in ear. He has a beard, dark skin and. a playful expression.

Mikalbuti Sacakati

Husband of Nebia, king Consort of East Akuban, son of Grand Lady Belet Sacakati. Better known for his drunken rants and never ending parties.

Sacakati shield - snapping crocodile on green background
Unut shield - Black ouroboros on dark orange background
Image of Irisi Unut. Slim young dark skinned woman with long hair reaching her lower back that's in thick braids. She wears a light brown dress with gold detailing and large golden earrings. Her sleeves are sheer and golden arm bands can be seen through it. Her expression is haughty and arrogant.

Irisi Unut

Heir to the throne of East Akuban, Irisi has a lot of growing up to do. She must prove to her parents she can survive as a good ruler.

Unut shield - Black ouroboros on dark orange background
A medium brown skinned woman with light brown eyes . She wears her hair in dreads, tied into a half up, half down style. She wears gold hair cuffs on them. She wears a one shoulder dress in the colours green and yellow. Her expression is soft and welcoming.

Shai Unut

The other sister, Shai is younger sister to Irisi and third child of Mika and Nebia. She wants to become a Koli priestess but her parents forbid it.

Unut shield - Black ouroboros on dark orange background
A dark skinned woman with a hairstyle in the style of a crown. Her earrings are long and black and she wears a disdained expression.

Yara Unut

The kind younger sister of Nebia, Yara had an easy going childhood compared to her sister. She helps the Queen anyway she can to protect East Akuban. By any means necessary.

Unut shield - Black ouroboros on dark orange background
Confident looking woman. Wearing red armour and in a valiant pose. She holds a sword on her shoulder.

Sahara Challow

No extreme is too extreme for Sahara. As the Commander of the household guards, and the Queen’s most trusted guard she will fall on her own sword before seeing harm done to Nebia.

Challow shield - bird in flight on brown backgrond with cream border.
A muscular man with his hair in cornrows, the sides shaved. He wears a combatant expression on his face. He has white hoop earrings, an arm bracelet made of seashells, purple gloves, his left hand is curled into a fist.

Cassius Shego

Adopted son of the Grand Lady of Indusa Shego, Cassius and Osiris bond over their divided hearts and dimly lit paths.

Shego shield - white elephant on grey background. Black strap going across diagonally.
Green effect over image
Woman with thick curly hair and scars on her face and collarbone area. She has an angry expression on her face. Brows furrowed.

Onzia Basab

Unable to win the acceptance of the merpeople in the Basab waters, Onzia goes to extremes to be trusted by water dwellers, as many others in her family have been before.

Basab shield - two brown mermaids on blue background. White and dark blue waves under them.

Valerius Janus

Promised the hand of his love if he accomplished greatness and made a name for himself. Valerius seeks to do just that, and vows to return to his greatest love worthy.

Joseph Heed

Described as too ambitious for his own good by his husband, Joseph must decide if furthering his family and gaining wealth is worth the consequences.

Heed shield - lines of green and brown going horizontally
A dark skinned woman with a blue scarf. She wears a thoughtful expression and looks through her eyelashes. She wears a large gold choker that covers her entire neck.

Mona Anemro

Unafraid to speak her mind Grand Lady Mona of Indusa Anemro never wavers when taking care of her under houses.

Anemro shield - two bright yellow tigers, one upside down with arms extended and roaring on bright blue background

Mateus Ko’ob-Wad

Born and bred to be a warrior, Mateus vows his life away to guard the royal family. He is assigned to Princess Shai, and instantly falls in love with her.

Ko'ob-Wad shield - black background with small white stars all over

Shira Amanas

The youngest daughter of the Grand Lady of Indusa Amanas, Shira lives at the palace of the royal family. Her friendship with the Princess Irisi is muddled when they share a kiss.

Amanas shield - three gold mountains layered over each other on cream background.

Priestess Hanan

Hanan sits on council for Queen Nebia and speaks for the religion of East Akuban. Though recently the bubblings of a new religion, much more popular with the common people forces Hanan to prove her faith. Afterall, what is one god to her?

Koli shield - black tree of life on white background with black stars.

Lai Riak

When his family receive an Indusa title, Lai must live with the sly insults that name his family as drifters. His best friend and pet pigeon, Miko, becomes a spy for him during his time at Rameses School – the school of nobility.

Riak shield - four pigeons lined next to each other facing right on white background strip at top of shield. Rest of shield is dark blue.

Baraka Wamai

Rumoured to be half man, half siren, son of a witch, Baraka is not to be toyed with. Far too ambitious for a man, for his own good.

Wamai shield - green background, black vertical stripes. Brown eye in centre.

Yaxix Shego

There is no such thing as evil to Yaxix, only necessary. All she does, she does for East Akuban and her family. None can take from her what the gods have blessed on her.

Shego shield - white elephant on grey background. Black strap going across diagonally.

None of the images used [except family shields] belong to me nor do I profit from them or the blog. Right click on character photo to be taken to artist pages. Images have alt text description.


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